Shop and pay from your bank account

Fast, simple and secure

Pay with Trustly in 3 simple steps

  1. 1. Select your bank and log in as you normally do.
  2. 3. Confirm your payment with your preferred authentication method.

Many customers in many countries

Founded in 2008, Trustly has grown to become a preferred payment method for consumers in 29 European countries.

To see if we support your bank, select a product and country from the menu below.

Security is our pledge to you

Trustly is a licensed payment institution authorized and supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. We hold a European Payment Services Provider (PSP) license in accordance with the Payment Services Directive (PSD, 2007/64/EC).

You don’t have to register to use Trustly and we never store any information that can be used to access your bank account. Trustly uses the highest encryption standard available, in addition to the banks' security system.

The preferred digital payment method for P2P

Direct bank transfers are popular for large amounts.

€23 – €90
€10 – €23
€0 – €10

You can use Trustly for:

  • Online shopping
  • Gaming