About Trustly

At Trustly, we envision a world in which online payments are fast, simple and secure for everyone — merchants, consumers and banks alike.

One hundred years ago, cash was king. People got paid in cash, carried it in their wallets, and bought things with it at the local store. Payment was easy.

Oh, how the times have changed.

Today, our salaries are deposited straight into our bank accounts and we shop online, from merchants all around the world. So why is it so hard to pay straight from our bank accounts?

For consumers, paying online should be as easy as sliding a bill across the counter. And accepting payments and issuing refunds should be the least of merchants’ worries.

Credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, invoices and cash-on-delivery are all middlemen levying fees, debt and interest for the simple task of moving money from one person to another.

At Trustly, we work hard to make online payments fast, simple and secure.

Our story

In 2008 we decided to do something about online payments. It is your money, your account, and you should be able to pay from simply and easily - just as you can with cash from your pocket. This is our story:


Our journey begins.
The company is founded and we are profitable from day 1.


Work on a second-generation technology platform begins.


We open a brand new office on Malta.
We reach 1 million transactions.


We are awarded Rising Star status by Deloitte as Sweden's second-fastest growing technology company.
Alfvén & Didrikson invests in Trustly.
We reach 2 million transactions.


For the second consecutive year we are awarded a Rising Star as Sweden's third fastest growing technology company.
We open up the Barcelona office.
We reach 4 million transactions.


Blocket chooses Trustly to secure transaction between private customers.
We reach 7 million transactions.


Among many others Groupon and Facebook become clients.
We launch Payout Express which makes it possible to make real-time payments to bank accounts in the Eurozone.
We start strategic cooperation with Paypal.
Trustly wins the CIT Golden Card award for Most innovative payment method.
Bridgepoint Development Capital invests EUR 23 million in Trustly for further growth.
Trustly makes global money transfers digital for Western Union.
Trustly is ranked as the 15th fastest growing tech company in Sweden by Deloitte.
Trustly is a runner-up for the award Most disruptive payment method given by Mobile Money and Digital Payments.


Trustly expands into 21 new markets in Europe.
Fintech City London shortlists Trustly as one of the 50 European FinTech companies that will revolutionise the financial services sector.
The Ny Teknik magazine shortlists Trustly as one of the 33 hottest tech companies in Sweden.
Trustly now process 1 million transactions on a monthly basis.


Trustly opens new offices in Cologne and London.
Avanza becomes the first Swedish bank to offer its 500,000 customers direct deposits from other banks via Trustly.
Trustly finishes in the Top 3 of the Payments category at the European FinTech Awards.
Trustly now process 2 million transactions on a monthly basis.

A licensed payment institution

Trustly Group AB (corporate identity number 556754-8655) is an authorized Swedish payment institution under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen). The company conducts payment services in accordance with the Payment Services Act (2010:751) and can provide cross-border payment services within the EU/EEA.