Our impressions of Start Up Day 2015 Stockholm

Thomas Edison once said: Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” That’s a quote that very much sums up our feelings after meeting those enthusiastic and hard working entrepreneurs at StartupDay 2015 at Münchenbryggeriet last Saturday. This was the first time Trustly participated as a sponsor and exhibitor at this exciting event.

During the Saturday we got the chance to listen to the numerous stories told by a variety of entrepreneurs and start up-owners. They were truly engaged and we could really tell how passionate they are about their ventures. The reward in speaking to them and other participants during the breaks was great.

The interest for our services and our product was high during the whole day. Since we very much are a part of the Swedish startup scene in Stockholm (and Sweden of cause) we are really passionate about helping companies since many of them are in the same position we were ourselves a couple of years ago.
Therefore we offered all the participants at the event to try out Trustly for free until 2016. A proposal that many really liked and got interested in.
Obviously we paid a lot of attention to the main stage, where many entrepreneurs shared their stories. Many subject were covered, and we got insight in everything from self-revealing stories about stress and performance anxiety from co-founder Henrik Lenberg at Auxy, to a tech intensive presentation of Teenage Engineering and some good advice what to focus on during a company’s growth from Cristina Riesen, General Manager at Evernote that very much was a startup almost 8 years ago.
We found it particularly interesting to listen to some of our colleagues in the payments sector. Corrado Tomassi from Paypal (a company that Trustly also is a partner to) had a short session on the variety of methods available today to pay both online and offline. He really encouraged the audience to participate in the discussion about the new possibilities and challenges that new digital payment methods post to all of us.
Corrado proposed and suggested that a higher number of units and wearables in a physical store can make it easier for the store owner to identify the customer in a more detailed manner.
We are convinced that the largest condition to get digital payments in retail to grow even more is the interesting compromise between the stores need to keep fraud levels low meanwhile fulfilling the customers desire to have a really frictionless method of paying. This is the largest challenge that also the e-commerce community is struggling with right now.

Overall, we believe that the event was very good and we believe that our colleague Catrine Rhenberg, Head of Marketplaces Sales summed it up all very well in the video clip above.

  • The Swedish start up scene is really buzzing at the moment and Trustly feels very much a part of it. Being at Startup day is a great opportunity for us to meet,mingle and network with everyone that is part of this scene.