QuiShare Fest 2015 - Celebrating the Sharing economy in Paris

As far as venues for conferences and events go, OuiShare Fest has to be among the most unique. That is why today, on the first of the three-day Fest, the world’s leading creators, contributors, influencers and participants of the “sharing economy”, congregated in a circus tent, and on a boat on the outskirts of Paris.

Between sunshine and torrential downpours key topics, ranging from financing, to regulation and governance, to sustainability were covered.

The morning session offered a series of keynotes by the crème-de-la-crème of the sharing economy, highlighting that the “collaborative economy” is not simply about home-cooked meals and sleeping on a stranger’s sofa!

Robin Chase, founder of Zipcar, believes that by bringing together the resources and scale of corporations, with the customization and creativity of individuals, the way we tackle big scale problems, such as climate change, can be fundamentally changed. An eye-opening keynote indeed!

Jeremiah Owyang, of Crowd Companies, showed us that big corporations are in fact already embracing the collaborative economy. Examples include IKEA’s collaboration with Blocket in Sweden, whereby old IKEA furniture looking for a new home can be shown on both sites simultaneously, or car manufacturers repositioning themselves as “mobility” enablers. Brands are becoming services.

Another recurring theme during the day, which we at Trustly, found particularly interesting, was the concept of trust. Trust, is of course a fundamental pillar of the sharing economy. With out it, collaborative consumption would not work. Why? Because by embracing this new economic model, participants are asked to trust, not only strangers to take good care of their pets, cars, or homes, but also the platform connecting these strangers with each other.

People are no longer navigating by the old trust markers such as “known brand”. In fact, many have lost faith in old institutions, as pointed out by Lisa Gansky. So there is a real need to facilitate the creation of trust, between peers and between the participants and the platforms in the sharing economy, without adding complexity.

We at Trusty believe that by authenticating both parties in a transaction via their online banking infrastructure, our proprietary payment service has a great opportunity to contribute to the creation of that underlying trust. On marketplace platforms offering our payment services, users no longer need to share sensitive payment information with each other, and can feel confident that the other party in the transaction is authenticated by the system.

Tomorrow we will continue to spread the word about Trustly to all the great companies attending the OuiShare Fest!


Editors note:

Catrine Rhenberg is Business developer and Sales director for Marketplaces and the Sharing economy at Trustly./