The secret code to hook Trustly talents; “It takes one to know one!”

Recruitment Manager Sofia Berglind is spending her days hiring. Meaning everyday, all day long with an intense focus. As Trustly has transformed from being that small entrepreneurial startup, to a leading European provider of cross border online banking payments, they are facing new but happy problems stemming from an extensive growth. While #FinTech more or less has become the new black, every single company seems to be in desperate need of finding the best tech talents. But shouting louder and promising bigger to get hold of the best talents would not be described as the Trustly way to attract potential employees.

Is there a specific code that identifies #TrustlyTalents?

-If someone could help me with that, preferably in Java, I would be really interested, she laughs. But no, there is no secret code. We are looking for people that share our geek interest in making e-commerce truly borderless by providing the new thinking technique that makes it immediate and easy as cash. From where we started there were no ready-made frameworks or policies, and that still shapes the environment here. Trustly talents are known to be a curious, forward-leaning and yet humble bunch of people.

Besides personality, which are the top 3 skills you are looking for right now?

-We are always eager to meet people with great skills in Java or SQL database development. And frontend development!

And where do you find these peeps?

-Well, it takes one to know one! My experience tells me that great people know great people, and that the best way to get in contact with new talents is to ask the ones you have around. So I am working hard to use and expand our network.

What are the main thing that makes people want to join forces with Trustly?

-Trustly is at a such an exciting stage right now! I think people are really intrigued by our rapid expansion and big plans for the future.

How would you describe the Trustly spirit, or specific values that you would notice without saying?

-I believe we have a great and rather unique combo of skilled, driven people with a healthy amount of humbleness.

What made you hop on the the Trustly train?

-When given the plan and potential of the company in the coming years it was impossible not to!