I've learnt that software development is a team sport

Savino is a part of Trustly’s tech team, and a sought Java developer. He’s originally from Italy and after 3 months on the job, he is about to be recognized as “experienced” in Trustly terms. As Trustly has transformed from being a small entrepreneurial startup, to a leading European provider of cross border online banking payments, they are facing new but happy problems coming from extensive growth. Java developers are specifically wanted, but you still need to pass the Trustly needle’s eye to get on board.

Is there a specific code that identifies #TrustlyTalents?

-I wouldn’t call it a code, but people seem to be curious and self-sufficient. They are not afraid to initiate actions and deal with problems in non-conventional ways. There is a distinct entrepreneurial spirit shaping the culture. From where we started there were no ready-made frameworks or policies. If you share our geek interest for innovating and progressing the technique that makes e-payments easy and immediate as cash, you will enjoy it here.

If experience is not valued by the number of years, what kind of experience would you say is favorable as a Java developer at Trustly?

-I think it’s important to be interested in the end user experience, to understand the logics and frustrations of e-commerce to be able to improve the process with our merchants and partners in mind. But off course we appreciate experience as well, especially when combined with specialized skills and a curious mind.

Which are the top 3 skills that defines you as a person and developer?

-Teamwork mentality. I have learnt from colleagues and skilled engineers who are always keen to help and challenge junior developers like me, that software development is a team sport. Good teamwork brings speed, better ideas and higher efficiency. And it’s a great feeling to accomplish things together. We quite often celebrate our achievements and do fun things like bowling, laser tag or arrange LAN parties. It also makes the relationship with your boss comfortable and informal. This is probably not an issue for Swedish people, but in Italy it would be impossible to use first names, for example, when working with someone superior to you.

-Problem solving. Without problems there would be no need for software. It’s your creativity and ability to solve problems that demonstrates whether you will be a high performer. A good programmer always enjoys identifying new ways to make things work, despite the odds.

-Curiosity and willingness to learn. The skills and abilities you have as a programmer today will be outdated in a few years. Software development changes so quickly, more than in any other field I know. It is very important to stay constantly updated. A few weeks ago Trustly was one of the official partners for Jfokus, Sweden’s largest developer conference. Everyone had the chance to attend and get to know more about the hottest new IT technologies. That was undoubtedly one of my most educational experiences ever!

What made you hop on the the Trustly train?

-It’s inspiring, transparent and a respectful and sociable environment. The people that founded Trustly are entrepreneurs with the passion and drive to make a difference. They sit in the same room as you, get everyone involved in their ideas, even newcomers. You get to understand why decisions are made and how the business plan develops.

-There are also perks and competitive salaries. We have awesome benefits like breakfast everyday, dinner if you have to work late hours, discounts for health activities, flexi-time and great Friday afterwork!

-In addition, the opportunity to work in a top tech hub like Stockholm actually equals my dream as a developer. So, if you look for an enthusiastic team and a thriving environment, this is it!