I'm living cross border business!

The last couple of weeks Events & Sponsorship Manager Mahsa Memar has attended and organized Trustly’s presence at three large exhibitions in Stockholm, London and Barcelona. Meet Mahsa Memar who plays an important role in spreading the word to a Pan-European audience about how Trustly’s innovative technique can boost e-merchants business by making e-payments as easy as cash. As Trustly has transformed from being a small entrepreneurial startup to a leading European provider of cross border online banking payments, they are experiencing an increasing demand and need more Trustly Talents to handle it!

Would you say there a specific code that identifies Trustly Talents?

-If you enjoy a fast moving pace and working in a company where you really can dig into projects and get things done, this is the right place for you. I could definitely say that people at Trustly are curious and hard working and everyone is eager to make the things we wish for happen. We all strive to improve our work and become even better at what we do and this is something amazing to be apart of. I think that you need to be unafraid to try new things and make bold decisions to work here and not be afraid of failure as that only gets you closer to success. It’s really easy to enjoy life at Trustly and I look forward to every new work week, and that’s really a treat!

Which are the top 3 skills that defines you as a professional?

-Creative, social and having an eye for details.

What made you personally hop on the the Trustly train?

-The exciting company journey we have ahead with so many new things happening during 2016/2017, but also the company culture and the friendly people who make you want to go to work everyday and accomplish great things together.

If Trustly was a person, who would it be?

-Santa Claus; fun, generous and full of surprises and treats! You work hard but you are also greatly rewarded. I think it’s a perfect mix of business and pleasure at Trustly and that’s what makes Trustly so great. There are so many fun things happening all the time, work wise but also social gatherings with colleagues. The company is generous and has many great perks which are really appreciated by the employees.