The payment infrastructure is run by banks, we need to grease the joints

As Trustly transforms from a small, entrepreneurial startup into a leading European provider of cross-border online banking payments, it is facing new, happy problems stemming from growth. The expanding business demands more people to manage it and the search for new Trustly Talents is continuously ongoing. Meet Luca Giannone, a Financial Services professional that exchanged Klarna/SOFORT for Trustly and joined the crew 6 months ago. Working out of the Trustly office in Cologne, Germany, he is already a regular on the SAS flight to Stockholm and constantly on the run to meet with merchants and forge new partnerships within the financial sector. And yes, he is looking for new colleagues to expand the German office!

What made you hop on the the Trustly train?
I kept a watching brief over Trustly ever since the company was created back in 2008. The ambition to push online banking e-payments to the next level by not only initiating but also settling transactions in near real-time fascinated me right away. With the strategic decision to turn into an increasingly sales driven FinTech entity and a booming market coverage, I realized that I could not only contribute but also get back a lot in this agile environment.

The future of FinTech, what will be the biggest challenge in Europe?
I’m glad that you’re not holding back on your second question…
The future is real time and 24/7. The challenge is that the payment infrastructure is still run by banks - and they’re anything but real time or 24/7. So even if we rely on the backbone of old banking establishment, we need to become more creative in greasing the joints.

Do you have a one liner ready to explain the reasons to partner with Trustly?
As the other famous German, Schiller said, had I only had more time I would have been able to come up with a one liner… It seems like old school values are taking a grip on new tech companies - meaning that the factual benefits are being taken for granted. We’re an honest and transparent company who’s in for the long run - we mean what we say, and we say that you’ll be a lot better off working with us.

You are looking for new Trustly talent to expand your team, is there a perfect match?
If you either have experience in selling to online merchants or you have in depth knowledge of the payment landscape we would like to chat with you. There’s no such thing as the perfect match, the dating sites are lying to you.

Have you noticed a specific Trustly spirit, or values that go without saying?
Yes, there’s a lot of respect in the company for every single job that is being done. It may be a Swedish thing, but fairness, openness and the possibility to express your opinion or bring in ideas in any situation, regardless of who’s in the room, are very enviable.