The intersection of art and tech: A night at Jeanette Hayes’ Royal Girls exhibit

Last week, global creative network for women SheSays, in collaboration with Trustly, hosted a superbly strange night previewing New York-based artist Jeanette Hayes’ latest exhibition, Royal Girls. Held at the residence of art collector Eva Livijn, the evening brought together around 50 of Sweden’s most influential women to discuss the intersection of tech, art, culture and digital life.

In theme with the night, Hayes’ exhibition, open by appointment through December 18, consists of a collection of new works that merge classical art and historical references seamlessly with pop culture imagery from our digital lives. The combination is apparent on every level of Hayes’ works, from the technique and format to the subject itself.

The paintings, based on Diego Velázquez’ detailed portraits of the Spanish court, are amped up with digital surrealism. Together with embroideries of various scenes from the Japanese anime Sailor Moon, the works create a bizarrely imaginative world playing with the notion that every girl can be a princess.

“Jeanette’s works provoke conversation and force us to examine the relationships between past and present; high and popular culture; reality and fantasy; analogue and digital; and object and viewer,” said SheSays co-organizer Frida Wadsby. “This event captured the core of SheSays, as many of us are creatives, planners and project managers trying to unlock the key to combining creativity with globally significant trends. The evening was a perfect occasion for our members to meet and exchange creative thoughts.”

Trustly was thrilled to be part of the night as we are inspired by women’s contributions to both art and tech and always strive for balance on all of our teams. After all, true innovation, whether it be in art, technology or beyond, comes from diversity in thought.

Check out some pictures from the event below.

Works on display at the residence of gallery owner Eva Livijn.

Some of Sweden’s most influential women gathered together to discuss the intersection of tech, art, culture and digital life.

Hayes’ work echoes both the outsider’s fascination of the idea of royalty and a girlish princess fantasy.

The theme of high culture versus pop culture persists through many of Hayes’ works.

A guest takes a closer look.

Artist Jeanette Hayes (right) speaks with curator Alida Ivanov (left) about life as an artist.

Host Eva Livijn (left), curator Alida Ivanov (middle) and artist Jeanette Hayes (right) cozy up on the couch.

On the night following the exhibition preview, an eclectic mix of influencers gathered for a “Royal Court” dinner and discussion. Pictured: Carl Bildt, Sofia Curman, Jeanette Hayes, Rick Herron, Eva Livijn, Martina Montelius, PG Nilsson, Ash Pournouri, Carin Rodebjer and Lydia Winters, with food by Tommy Myllymäki.