A visit to the Swedish Embassy in Copenhagen

While visiting Copenhagen for Money2020 Europe, one of our favorite FinTech events of the year, we co-hosted an evening at the Swedish Embassy in Denmark and welcomed friends for food and drinks.

Fredrik Jörgensen, the Swedish Ambassador to Denmark, greeted the crowd with a few words and was proud to brag about the country’s latest accolade as the most innovative country in Europe.

“We are frontrunners, all of us. Creative, full of initiative and good ideas,” said the Ambassador. “The Swedish fintech sector is booming. We are not the biggest hub in Europe or globally, but we are competing more and more seriously with London and others. If you look at the investments in the fintech sector in Europe per capita, then we are on top in a global context. There’s a lot happening and it’s great to see how much creativity we can muster in our country.”

The Ambassador noted that he was happy to welcome Trustly to the Embassy, as it is a company that embodies the excitement of the growing Swedish FinTech scene. On the other side, Trustly is equally happy to add Copenhagen to the growing list of embassies we have visited, as forging strong relationships with government is crucial to fostering a health regulatory environment.

Swedish Ambassador Fredrik Jörgensen (right) speaks to guests next to Trustly CEO Oscar Berglund.

Thanks to all who joined us for a fabulous evening!