Secure marketplace payments

Monetize your marketplace and build trust in your community.

Trusted P2P payments

Trustly identifies both parties in a transaction via their online bank accounts. This secure P2P payment solution builds trust between buyers and sellers as well as in your brand.

Delayed payments

With our delayed payment mechanism, escrow, you set the rules for how and when funds are transferred to the provider or seller. This is handy in many situations, like when a renter wants to see a vacation home property before the payment is released.

Split payments

You have control over how payments from customers should be split between you and the providers, making it simple to withhold an administration fee.


Marketplace fees

Got a great idea for a new marketplace business?

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What Trustly marketplaces say about us

“It's very convenient to be able to offer bank payments for so many different banks with just one integration.”—Peter Wieslander, CEO, TassPass

“Thanks to Trustly, we now have control of both incoming and outgoing payments to and from our members in a easy way, while still being able to charge an administration fee”—Mikael Carlsson, co-founder, Unitable