The power of fast payments

How to boost player engagement and retain valuable VIPs

In today's competitive landscape, acquiring and retaining players requires ever-increasing ingenuity. The winners will be the operators that ace the player experience. But what does that look like? We surveyed 1,700 players in 9 European countries on their attitudes towards deposits and withdrawals and found that leveraging the power of fast payments could be the key.

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How fast withdrawals boost loyalty

Why deposit methods are crucial to conversion

VIP-specific insights

Preference breakdown by market

The new way to Pay

Boost players' loyalty by offering instant online bank payments

With online bank payments, players can make instant deposits and withdrawal quickly using their login details they already know by heart.

“While 80% of players surveyed said they would gamble more often if offered instant withdrawals, this number rose to 88% among VIPs.”

Source: Trustly gaming survey (2019)

Ciaran O’Malley

“At Trustly, we believe fast payments lie at the heart of a positive player experience. However, Europe is a diverse continent and so we wanted to test our hypothesis with a broad array of players from 9 countries. The findings are enlightening, and better yet, actionable!”

Ciaran O’Malley

Head of Commercial Strategy Trustly