Trustly Direct Debit

Our newest product makes recurring and one-click payments easier than ever — perfect for subscription services, in-app purchases and more.

Recurring payments for your recurring customers

Trustly Direct Debit replaces paper-based forms and credit cards for all types of recurring subscriptions and one-click services. The customer digitally signs the direct debit mandate one time in your app or on your site and then never has to think about payment again.



Benefits for consumers

  • Sign your direct debit mandate once; no need to enter card numbers repeatedly
  • Authenticate easily and safely with your preferred verification method
  • Enjoy ongoing services due to a never-expiring payment method

Benefits for businesses

  • Reduce customer churn due to expired cards
  • Improve long-term customer relationships
  • Digitalize your manual paperwork

The applications are endless; it works for payments within games, taxi apps, food delivery apps and more. Want to see it in action? Below are some examples of how you can use Trustly Direct Debit to power your business.

In-game purchases

Run out of lives? No sweat! Your players can make buy more with just one tap.

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Find out what happens following that cliffhanger ending thanks to uninterrupted streaming.

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Music services

Make sure the music never stops by offering recurring payments straight from the bank account.

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Food delivery

No one likes a hangry customer. Keep them happy with one-click payments.

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Once riders have signed the mandate, they can simply hop out of the taxi when they’ve reached their destination, making payment as smooth as the ride itself.

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Financial services

Repaying loans directly from the bank account is easier than ever for customers who set up Direct Debit.

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Magazine subscription

Keep the pages turning for readers who set up recurring payments through Trustly Direct Debit.

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Whether fundraising with a tablet on the street or corralling donations online, our digital mandate makes it easy to sign up (and retain) repeat donors.

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